Wedding Songs

Not sure what song you’d like for your first dance? We recommend first thinking on what mood you’d like for your first dance… classic and traditional, fun, crowd pleaser, or romantic? Deciding this and talking with your fiancé about favorite music genres and bands, or looking through your music collections will help prompt ideas. Choose something that reflects your own style and personality.

As part of a complimentary wedding dance consultation, we can suggest dance styles that fit well with your song ideas, which might help you further decide. We can also let you know which songs may be tricky because of a slow or changing tempo, or whether a song might be an easy or challenging selection for whatever reason.

Recommendations for Wedding Dance Songs

The following songs are some of our suggestions for wedding dances. Take a listen below and see what might fit your special day. Get a handout of the songs for easy printing.

Note: The below music players use Adobe Flash, and sadly may not work on mobile devices. Install Adobe Flash on your computer (unchecking optional offer).

Old School Classic

These songs have been favorites for decades for good reason.

Something New

Newer voices offer fresh takes on the love song.

Country Love

Love songs with some serious twang.

Rhythm & Soul

Songs with soul, groove, and just plain fun.

Uniquely You

Yes, these are all actual songs that we’ve worked on with wedding couples, and show a range of possibilities. If you’re a one-of-a-kind couple choose something completely original.

New Classics

Contemporary selections that seem destined to become new classics.

Parent Dances

Some wonderful selections for Father-Daughter and Mother-Son dances. If members of your bridal party are interested in dance lessons check out our Bridal Party Dance Packages.