Group Classes

In addition to our four-week Series Classes, DanceWorks offers several other types of classes that are frequently a single session. These classes are offered in a wide range of dance styles and levels.

Open Classes

Before the Friday Dance Party we always have an “open” group dance class that is a one-time, not-part-of-a-series class. The type of dance changes each week, and “open” means open to anyone and any level. These one-time classes are a great way to try out a dance style and warm-up for the Friday Party.

Open class (including Friday party): $12 for non-students, $7 for DanceWorks students. See class calendar.


As the calendar allows, we occasionally offer workshops on specific techniques or partnership. The workshops are sometimes longer than other classes allowing you time to focus on a particular topic in depth.

Tip: keep an eye out for these in 31-day months!

Workshops: Price varies with individual workshops. See class calendar.


Custom Classes

We can create a custom class for your own private group– here at DanceWorks or at your venue. We have done everything from providing Salsa lessons for a regular gathering of 8 friends to providing a Waltz lesson at a wedding reception of 150. Call to learn more.