Game of Thrones: DanceWorks Edition!

Game of Thrones: DanceWorks Edition!

December Student Participation Month

Come join our medieval fantasy epic, Game of Thrones: DanceWorks Edition! December is Student Participation Month, and is full of fun and exciting activities, parties, performances, dress-up events, a Trophy Ball and points for prizes! It’s also time for December Deals, which means savings-savings-savings!

Are you team Winterfell or King’s Landing? Students and their teachers will portray kings and queens, knights and renegades, liars and honest men from the North and the South engaging in an entertaining game of shenanigans to determine who will sit atop the Glitter Throne! Don’t know which team you are on? Ask one of your main instructors and they will tell you (or fight over you for which team they want you on!).

Join the competition and rally your troops in winning points for your team throughout the month of December! We have dozens of ways for you to earn points for yourself and your team such as attending classes, lessons, dances, dress up days, social media, and much more! Points will also award you tickets that will be entered into weekly drawings for free private lessons, group classes, and other fantastic prizes! We will also have a grand drawing at the end of the month, as well as the crowning of those with the most points as the ruler of the Iron Throne! Join us!!

Friday Dance Themes and Events

All points acquired during our Student Participation Month are transferred into tickets that students can enter into the weekly drawings held at our Friday dance events throughout December! Attending December’s Friday dance events will be key to earning larger amounts of points through theme dress up, team activities, and other contests. But most importantly, any student who wins one of the drawings MUST BE PRESENT in order to receive their prize!!

12/1 – “The Wolf and the Lion”

Join us for our first “Game of Thrones” themed dance! Come dressed up as lords or ladies to show your support for the North or the South as we kick off this December with a Thanksgiving Leftover Potluck! We will have all sorts of fun activities for all to enjoy as we try to win your support against the other side!

12/8 – “The Old Gods and the New”

Join us and our continued “Game of Thrones” theme with a punny twist! Come dressed as your favorite Pantheon! Whether it be wearing a toga for the Greek God Zeus, robes for Noah and the Ark, or armor for Thor of Asgard, come join us for the party and celebration for our “Trophy Ball” students demonstrating the level they recently graduated out of!

12/15 – “Warriors, Wizards, and Fire-Breathing Lizards”

Join in the magical festivities of fantasy and fun by dressing up as any type of warrior, wizard, witch, dragon, unicorn, or fantasy fictional character for our third Friday party and continuation of our “Game of Thrones” extravaganza!

12/22 – “Winter is Coming…” Coronation Ball

Winter has finally come! Join us in celebrating the end of the year and our “Game of Thrones” themed activities. Come dressed to the 9’s and put on your best suit or your favorite dress as we close out the year in style! We will also be announcing the winner… will it be the North or the South??

Tuesday Dress up Days & Descriptions:

Students and staff will all have the opportunity to gain points by participating in dress up days every Tuesday! Don’t have a class or lesson scheduled that day? You can still gain the points by stopping by and showing a staff member your outfit! Points only apply if the student or staff member wears their apparel to the studio that day! Here are your dates and themes:

11/28- Jammin’ Jammies!

Come to DanceWorks dressed in your favorite pajamas! Onesies, nightgowns, fuzzy PJs, you name it! It’s a day to be comfy!

12/5- Hit the Slopes!

On this day, plan on wearing your winter attire for the snow! Skiers, snowboarders, sled riders, and eskimos are all welcome! Abominable snowmen encouraged!

12/12- Santa’s Workshop!

Christmas is also coming!! Time to put on your Santa hats and reindeer antlers, elf ensembles and snowman attire, or whatever makes you think of the festivities in the North Pole this time of year!

12/19- Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

We can’t forget everyone’s favorite holiday dress up theme for the week before Christmas! Dig in your closet or hit the thrift stores for the ugliest holiday or Christmas sweater you can find and show it off at DanceWorks!

Ways to Earn Contest Points!

Each student must be accountable for their own points, tickets, and showing proof to their instructor of points they earn. Each instructor will have a poster that they will record your points on for each week. For every 10 points, they will receive one ticket. The ticket comes in two pieces – one half will go into the drawing bowl, and the other half the student will keep. Write down or record your ticket numbers! When we draw winning tickets during our Friday night dances, all students will be responsible for looking at their lists of ticket numbers and seeing if they won!


10 Each lesson

20 Exchange Lesson

+10 bonus for 5 Privates/Month

+15 bonus for 8 Privates/Month

+20 bonus for 11 Privates/Month


1pt per $1 spent on:

Regular Private Lessons

Trophy Private Lessons Holiday Special Packages

Showcase – Medals – Next Level – Exhibition


5 Sign in before class

10 Each Class

+10 bonus for 5 Classes/Week

+15 bonus for 8 Classes/Week

+20 bonus for 11 Classes/Week


40 Dress up/Costume

+10 Dress up 2 days

+15 Dress up 3 days

+20 Dress up 4 days


20 Attend a Practica

+50 bonus if you go to 4 in a row

40 Attend a Dance

+100 bonus if you go to all 4 Dances!

20 Theme Dress Up

+20 3rd Place

+40 2nd Place

+60 1st Place

10 Activity Participation

+10 3rd Place

+20 2nd Place

+30 1st Place

100 Bring a Non-Active Friend (3 mo+)

50 Bring a Dish/Treat



20 Check in to DW

20 Going to events status

20 Accept invitation

30 Like/follow our page.

30 Post an event

30 Share a DW post

30 Share a DW tagged post.

30 Make a DW related meme

40 Tag 10 students (no DW staff)

40 Post on wall w/ DW tag

50 Post video

100 Review us on Facebook


30 Follow us

40 Tag us in photo

50 Tag us in video

40 Instagram story

60 Instagram story while at DW

100 Yelp Review

100 Google Review

20 Snapchat—add a snap on your story

5 Can

10 Small Item

20 Large Item

Trophy Ball Private Lessons up to 55% off! Earn Points for your team

4 Private Lessons – $240 ($60 each)

6 Private Lessons – $330 ($55 ea)

8 Private Lessons – $392 ($49 each)

*Trophy lessons are only available to students who are interested in testing for and demonstrating in our Trophy Ball on December 8th. All trophy lessons must be completed by the Trophy Ball (12/8/17). All levels welcome!

Contest Points Available:

50 Points- Test for one dance + level demonstration at Trophy Ball

+20 for one additional dance

+30 for two additional dances

+40 for three additional dances

+50 for each additional dance